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Monday, March 19, 2018
Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.

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On Sunday, Feb. 18, Pastor Jim said:

Thoughts and prayers are meaningless without action. It is time for action. It is time to confront and defeat the culture of death that rules our country. In future days, for as many days as it takes, I ask you to do three things.

1. Engage in 9-1-1 prayer. Every day at 9:11 a.m. and 9:11 p.m. stop whatever you are doing for a moment and lift an emergency prayer to God. Pray for a return to sanity
in this country, for a return to peace in our streets, and for safety from gun violence.

2. Call, email, or write those who were elected to represent you in Washington and Topeka, and hold their feet to the fire until they act. I'll leave it to your discretion what you tell them to do. Just keep telling them, every day that you can, until they do it. Make them so tired of hearing from you that they do the right thing because that's the only way they can get you off their backs. (See Luke 18.)

3, Look for an opportunity to get personally involved in some effort to solve the problem, and keep at it until you drop, or the problem goes away.

We need to put our thoughts and prayers into action.

Join us for “Made for This,” a Lenten study by Pastor Jim.  We'll meet at 7 p.m. on Thursdays during Lent, from Feb. 15 to March 22.  There is no cost.  Please signup in fellowship hall by Feb. 4 to give us time to prepare the materials.  






Edgerton United Methodist Church and Open Table Community Church will host an Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday, April 1, at 10 a.m. for children ages 0-9. 

Please invite family, friends, and neighbors to join us on Easter morning for the egg hunt and a short version of the Easter story.




"Dinner With Jesus” is the theme of our gathering on Holy Thursday, March 29. Bring a dish or dessert to share. We’ll eat the main course, then share the story of Jesus in a Seder-style ritual, then have dessert, and then complete the story.





We collect a Noisy Offering of loose change, rolled change, or not-so-noisy cash and checks for a designated ministry on the third Sunday of each month. Watch your bulletin for this month's ministry.




We host a monthly Adult Game Night on the first Saturday of the month from 6-9 p.m.  All are welcome. Be sure to invite your friends and neighbors for a fun time!  





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